Funny Halloween Costumes

funny halloween costumesHalloween is all about fun and so are funny Halloween costumes. What’s more fun than dressing up, going to a party and pretending to be someone else for a night? Sure, a lot of this dressing up is about being scary and terrifying. That’s a part of the Halloween tradition. But there’s another part of that tradition that sometimes gets forgotten and that’s the funny side. Sure, Halloween is all about tricks,

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Sexy Halloween Costumes

sexy halloween costumesWhat words come to mind when you think of Halloween? Spooky? Party? Pumpkin carving? What about sexy? For many people, Halloween is the one night where any fantasy can become reality. Nothing makes a fantasy become reality quicker than sexy Halloween costumes. Sure you can dress up as a ghost, but why not have a little more fun.

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Couples Halloween Costumes

couples halloween costumes2

Some of the best costumes at any given Halloween party are a couple wearing similarly themed costumes. These couple Halloween costumes work so well because so many funny, creative costume ideas lend themselves to two people. If you think about it, this makes perfect sense. Many of our most popular cultural references are built around a couple. Therefore, when a couple work together to build costumes around one of these references, the results are always spectacular. Are you one half of a couple? Well, grab your better half and start thinking about couple Halloween costumes.

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Despicable Me Costumes

Gru Halloween CostumeIf you don’t know what Despicable Me is, then you’re really missing out on one of the funniest comedy movie franchises. This franchise gave birth to many laugh out loud scenes and endearing characters.

Even the villains, rather than being ones that would frighten children, make them laugh with delight over their antics. The movies are based on the criminal mastermind known as Gru, which is played by the talented Steve Carell.

In the first movie, he adopts some sweet little girls that he plans to use to further his criminal pursuits. But as he gets to know the kids and grows to love them.

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Review of Spiderman Halloween Costumes

spiderman halloween costumeSpiderman, like most superheroes, is one of the most popular Halloween costumes available. Since the 1960s, Spiderman has been a major superhero and pop culture icon and his outfit has gone through many different iterations.

The key elements however have usually been the same throughout the years: a red and blue jumpsuit with webbing over the red parts, and his spider logo on the chest and the back.

He also almost always wears a hood over his head that disguises him, with two big white spots for eyes. Costumes are available almost anywhere you can find Halloween costumes, and they vary in style as well as age range.

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Adult Halloween Costumes Review

adult halloween costumesWhen it comes to adult Halloween costumes, the sky is the limit this spooky season! The great thing about Halloween, when it comes to adult costumes, is that you can be anyone and anything you want. What’s your secret fantasy? Who do you dream about being? Who’s your hero? Maybe you’re feeling a little devilish? With the right adult Halloween costumes, all of these dreams can come true, if only for one special night. Isn’t that the point?

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Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Last minute halloween costumesWe’ve all been there. It’s the day before Halloween, and you still don’t have costume. Maybe, at the last minute, you decided to attend that party. Or maybe, you got a last minute invitation. Or maybe, you’re just a chronic procrastinator. The why doesn’t matter. What matters is that Halloween is just around the corner and you need a costume like yesterday. That’s where last minute Halloween costumes come in to save your bacon and the day.

Contrary to popular opinion, last minute Halloween costumes do not have to be lame. In fact, some of the best costumes at the party were likely last minute ideas that were executed brilliantly. It’s not like some people start planning their Halloween costumes on November 2nd as soon as they recover from their Halloween night hangovers. (Well, yes, there are people like that, but they are way too perfect and the less said about them the better.) The difference between an awful costume and a good costume is not time or planning. The difference between an awful costume and a good costume is execution, style, and nerve. Panache, if you will.

The best last minute Halloween costumes make the most efficient use of the materials at hand. They succeed because they do not attempt to be what they are not. Face it, if it’s October 30th, you’re probably not going to successfully pull off a 17th century French courtier with what’s laying around your apartment. However, you will be able to McGyver together a great last minute costume through creative use of what is laying around. Take stock of what you’ve got like black jeans and tshirt and proceed accordingly. Work in your given medium and those last minute Halloween costumes will be the ones that get the biggest laughs, as well as the biggest gasps, at your party of choice this year.

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